What’s Kiyoshi

Kiyoshi is the Creature created by creator [ujuuna].

Kiyoshi is a happy being who has no worries and is always smiling.

He is actually fan art for a character named Aum from CryptoNinja.

Kiyoshi’s Seeds Project

The project was launched on 4 February 2023 as a freemint with No Utility and No Roadmap.

25,000 [Kiyoshi’s Seeds] are issued and [Kiyoshi] are created when they are burnt. Currently, 12,500 seeds have been burnt and many Kiyoshi have been born. (as of 19 Feb 2023)

Burn and Synthesis

The [Kiyoshi’s Seeds] is burned to create [Kiyoshi]. Afterwards, the [Kiyoshi] can be synthesised and evolved. [Kiyoshi’s Seeds] can be burnt until the end of February 2023.

Future Developments

Moving into the Metaverse.

Thinking about making it into a game


What’s Kiyoshi?

Kiyoshi is a fanart of the character “Aum” from CryptoNinja.

【Kiyoshi Fanart Guidelines】

Please note the following points regarding the sales of fanart and items of Kiyoshi.

◆If you would like to sell NFT or items created as a fanart of Kiyoshi, please clearly state “fanart” or “derivative work” and obtain prior confirmation from Ujuuna.

◆Kiyoshi welcomes fanarts, but please DO NOT use any expressions such as “collaboration” or “partnership” that may be misinterpreted as an official project.

◆Commercial use of illustrations drawn by Ujuuna (including Kiyooshi’s seeds) is not permitted.


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